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Why use a WordPress content support service?

You pay the same price every month, no more agency priced bills for all the little updates and changes. You can focus on making sales, fulfilling orders and building leads. When there is never time to update your site, content support has your back. Its Superhero easy 😀

Speedy Service

We take pride in answering fast and completing your requests faster. With an average of 3-5min response.
Most tasks completed in 24 hour or less.

On Your Schedule

Ready when you need us. We know business owners are busy, we’re here evenings and weekends too.
Send requests when you have time.

Monthly Price

No need to be affraid of high cost design changes. You pay the same price every month, no contracts.
Plans start at as little as $5/day.

Okay, Is It Really Unlimited What’s The Catch?

Yes! it really is unlimited. No catch, you can open as many support tickets as you need per month. There are a couple of rules that help us keep things organized and our good speedy service reputation intact.

  1.  You can only have one active ticket at a time.
  2.  Ticket tasks should be kept under an hour. We’re not critical of time though, so if it takes an hour or even two nobody is going to be upset.

Other than that, yep it’s unlimited. Send the requests and we’ll tackle them in priority sequence.

Make sense? Good. Our heroes are awesome but still human.

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Its Super Hero Easy

Getting support has never been easier, you can open a ticket from our website. Any question, change request or help you need. Now that's super.

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Fast Response

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet.

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It’s that easy!

What can we help you with?

Everything! Even Happiness 😀

Content & Text Changes

Images & Backgrounds


Speed Optimizations

Questions & Advise

Every Request You Need

We log in to your WordPress site and update text, titles, headlines, and design layouts. Simply let us know what you want to have changed or updated and, it will be done.

Images & Backgrounds

Send us your pictures and backgrounds, our support will make the changes. We have access to thousands of quality stock images and our keen design styles will find the perfect fit.

Better Articles & SEO

You have the page verbiage complete and need it on your site. We format the copy into an easy reading article that will please your visitors and improve the site SEO.

What About Woocommerce Support? YES! We're Super Heroes Remember

We can help you manage your store with unlimited Woocommerce support. Helping you with better product descriptions, shop SEO, coupons, and more. Taking your shop to the next level, by adding the right headlines, improving key phrase placements and adding call-to-action for more sales and lead collection.

Product Descriptions

Improved descriptions, headings, with superior SEO for an exceptional shopper experience.

Advanced Pop-Ups or Slide-Ins

Get Shopper attention the right way at the right time for better leads and more sales.

Branded Email & Marketing

Emails that match your store style, and promotional messages that create real interest.

And ton’s more Woocommerce help, just open a support ticket.

Add Woocommere Support

It’s a little extra, but less than coffee

Have Questions?

What is covered?

We can help you adjust or change any existing item on your site, add and style new pages and content. Everything from text and images to speed optimizations and SEO plus much more!

How often can I request support?

You can request support through our online ticket system as often as you need. We will provide advise or make changes to your site based on your request. We desire that you limit your tickets to one active ticket per session.

  • Content support tickets are limited to 1-hour duration each. A request that takes longer than an hour would be considered a development service and will require a quote from our development team. But hey we’re pretty awesome so if it takes an hour and a half we’ll let it slide.

How many sites are covered for an account?

Each support account covers a single site, if you would like unlimited support for multiple sites ask us about discounts

Can I call to open a support request?

We prefer that you open the support request online, but in the event, you aren’t able a tech will create the ticket for you by phone

What are the wait times, how long before you can get to my request?

Support tickets are handled in priority sequence, most tickets are answered and completed within 24hours.

We do offer Emergency Support Service for a fee that will bump you to the top of the list and get your issue started asap (average response time is 5-8mins).

I have an emergency and need help right away!

Our Support tickets are handled in a sequential order, but if you are experiencing an emergency situation and need instant support you can upgrade your ticket for an additional fee

What Isn't Covered?

Creating content, for new content you are required to supply the imagery and copy for the new page, post etc. Custom coded functions or features for the site are not covered. These are considered projects, contact us for a quote. The general rule is if the support ticket is going to take more than an hour, the development team should be on it.

Managing Your Account

How do I pay?

Pay using your credit card, your account will be automatically charged every 30 days from the signup date.

Is there a contract?

No contract, commitment or cancellation fee, you can cancel anytime.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription anytime from the Account Dashboard. But who would want to?

Can I get a refund?

If you don’t use the support service within the first 30 days of sign up we will issue a 100% refund, after the first month of the subscription accounts are no longer eligible for a refund.

WordPress & Woocommerce Experts at your fingertips.

You can focus on business while we update, change and take care of your site content. Unlimited Support Starting @$5/day.