It is not uncommon to think of blogs as diary-style entries or posts all about one topic by one person.  But these days blogs have so much more to offer. Online content is an efficient way to give you visibility online.  Articles can actually help support business growth. They are a great marketing tool that is beneficial in all stages of business develpoment.  Indeed their benefit increases as your busniness suceeds.  Let’s look at why.

Business changing facts

Did you know blogs...?


Drive traffic to your website.


Transform traffic into leads.


Establish you as an expert in your field.


Provide a long term marketing solution.

Social Media

Give you great instant content for social media.


Express your businesses news and point of view.

Blogs truly can



and help your business long term.

With so many applications, blogs give a great return on their investment.

SEO Gold

There are multiple ways online content drives traffic to your site.  For one blogs are SEO gold.  Your site remains relevant to Google and other search engines only if you have a lot content.  More importantly new content.  There are not a lot of pages on a typical business website.  Of those pages most are not updated very often.  Articles give you SEO as each blog is one more indexed page for search engines to see.  Blogs give you both the copy and current content search engines are looking for which is exactly what you need to get to the top.

Social Media

Content marketing by can be set up to automatically post to social media.  A blog post is not only an article in and of itself but also networks you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest and more.  This may expose you to a whole new audience who will now know of your business.  These social networking leads also require the user to actually go to your website to read the full article from the teaser the blog gives.  Direct traffic comes from your social media leads.  Online content to interact with gives you reoccurring interactions with your customers.

Email Newsletters

Similarly, blogs can keep your customers coming back to your site when shared with automatic email newsletters.  All your customers have an email address.  This marketing strategy sends out a monthly newsletter containing the feature images of your copy as well as small exerts.  Enough to make them want to read more.  Just another way to keep connected and also to build your sites traffic, leads and conversions. Domain authority is also increased with this traffic.

Browser Value

Besides directly typing your name how are people finding your website?  Every editorial you post has titles and keywords that search engines pick up to drive you traffic.  People do not need to type in who you are but merely what you do to be able to find you.  The more content you have about facets of your business the more likely browsers are to pull your site.  Your potential customers merely need to look up information about the services your provide. What you do becomes even more likely to get you business than who you are and this broadens your potential clientel significantly.

Expert Appeal

Online content shows your customers that you know what you are talking about. Even if you are writing purely for SEO, do not underestimate the relationship a blog can build with a customer to your company. Your knowledgeable articles allow customers to build confidence and trust in you.  It builds brand and product connections.  Your content encourages customers to come read again for other relevant information.  Seaching for info can lead to purchases.  A blog converts traffic into leads. If they are reading your copy regularly your company comes easy to mind.

Search Engine Rankings

As time goes on so does the benefit each and every article.  Each one continues to rank in search engines.  There are many factors to this. Rank increases as more people check the content, the more copy there is, and the more of your keywords you are using.  Each of these factors is getting you higher in the rankings.  The effort you put into a blog lasts long into the future for days, weeks, months, and even years to come.  Overtime you will be able to count on a predictable amount of traffic and leads and the work to generate that traffic and those leads is already done.

Let your website do some of the leg work.

Get conversions based on what you do

not who you are

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