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Many don’t understand the importance of website maintenance. They believe building a site is a one-time process. Instead, they should consider it a work in progress. Like your car or home, you must maintain your website for it to function properly and last.

A well-maintained website performs better for your customers, search engines, and your business goals too. But what is website maintenance and why do you need it? What are your options and how can PressHero help?

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance simply means taking care of your website on a regular basis. It includes a variety of tasks to keep your website running smoothly and securely. 

Web Maintenance Content

Content Updates

Fresh content gives your visitors a reason to keep coming back and avoids your site from becoming stale. You want the information you provide to be correct and engaging. 

Current content also helps your website rank higher on search engines. Consider keeping a schedule for new blog posts or regular updates of other relevant news.

Web Maintenance Update price

Add new services and products

A business website provides information about the products and services you offer. Website maintenance includes adding new items or updating existing ones with new descriptions and prices.

Web Maintenance security

Website Security and Protection

Keep your website software updated and install available security patches and other security updates when available. This prevents hackers from accessing your site and its data by catching vulnerabilities on your site. 

Website maintenance can include preventative measures, such as password security and user access. It also identifies threats and infections and removes them if preventative measures fail. 

Web Maintenance backup


Keeping consistent and reliable backups serves as insurance should major issues occur. They reduce the risk of unnecessary web development expenses to rebuild your website. 

Web Maintenance Update compatibility


Keeping your website software updated helps stay compatible with new technologies, algorithms and tools. This includes core platform, theme, and plug-in updates to ensure your website performs as expected on a variety of devices. 

Web Maintenance bug fix

Fixing Bugs, Errors, and Broken Links

You want to eliminate errors and fix bugs to ensure your site remains secure and provides a positive experience for those visiting your website. Even things like spelling and grammar errors can affect the user experience negatively.

Web Maintenance analysis

Analytics, Monitoring, and Tracking

Checking the metrics of your website provides valuable information on how it performs against expectations and marketing campaign goals. This helps determine where to spend the budget and effort next.

Web Maintenance speed

Speed Optimization

Keep your site clean and free of outdated applications and ensure you use the correct hosting. Professional website maintenance can offer several options for improving loading speeds. You don’t want visitors aborting your website because they become impatient waiting to access information.

What’s the importance of Website Maintenance?

Maintaining your website helps to satisfy your customers, search engines, and business goals.

Save Money

A secure, well-functioning website reduces downtime, which translates into lost revenue. A regular maintenance plan equates to significant savings compared to costly repairs.

Customer Experience

Visitors who enjoy the experience while on your website will stay longer and return often. You want it to be easy to navigate so they find what they came for and covert to paying customers.


Your website is a corporate image. It builds trust and brand awareness. The quality of your website reflects the quality of your business. If you can’t keep your website current and in good working order, what does that say about your products and services?


Search engines reward healthy, up-to-date sites with higher SEO rankings. So search engine optimization is critical. You must focus on your site’s performance, security, and content to please them and ensure your customers can find you.

Options for Regular Website Maintenance

To maintain your website, you can choose to do it yourself or handle it internally. Or you may choose to outsource and hire a website maintenance team. Given the importance of website maintenance, this is not a decision to take lightly.

Handle Maintenance Internally

If you choose to manage your website yourself, make sure you have the expertise necessary to be successful. And ensure you have the time and resources to dedicate to staying current with current risks and methods.

Outsource to Website Maintenance Team

If you recognize the benefits of hiring an experienced expert, make sure you choose the right fit for your organization’s needs. Many simply think whoever did the web design will be capable of maintaining the site, which may not be true.

flat representation of team maintaining website with presshero logo

How Press Hero WordPress Maintenance Plans Can Help

PressHero provides the knowledge and skills to fit your budget. 

To begin, we offer affordable support available by subscription. You pay only when you need us and can pause and restart your subscription as needed. Our maintenance plans include unlimited basic tasks for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Should you require additional support beyond basic updates handled in our ticket system, you can upgrade your subscription: 

  • Increase Security with regularly scheduled tasks with repairs and testing for a more hands-off approach.
  • Incorporate larger changes and improvements with Dedicated Development, including project management.
  • Improve organic search results with Dedicated SEO.
  • Implement a focused Digital Marketing Strategy with SEO, content, and paid ads.

Now you know the importance of website maintenance and how affordable it can be. What are you waiting for?

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