WordPress Security Service

From: USD $42.21 / month and a USD $168.84 sign-up fee

Hackers, bots and malicious users are lurking online searching for websites to exploit. Using automated tools they locate outdated WordPress installations, themes, and plugins that will allow them to take complete control.

We Take WordPress Security and Maintenance Seriously
WordPress Security Service - Starter Security
USD $42.21 / month and a USD $168.84 sign-up fee
WordPress Security Service - Premium Security
USD $126.63 / month and a USD $168.84 sign-up fee
WordPress Security Service - Advanced Security
USD $253.26 / month and a USD $168.84 sign-up fee

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WordPress + Woocommerce, Plugins And Theme Maintenance

WordPress Core, Plugin and theme updates are important for security, speed performance, and compatibility. Our maintenance service protects you from hackers, makes your site run smoother and provides a bug-free user experience.

We not only save you time updating and testing compatibility, but we also prevent a headache, downtime and lost revenue when an update does go wrong. When there is a problem with an update, we take action to locate the cause and correct it.

This Plan Covers:

Compete Security Package | Full Scheduled Backups | Compatibility Support & Testing | Error Management & Correction

  • Hacker Protection
  • Bot Attacks
  • Comment Spam
  • Registration Protection
  • Code Exploits
  • Malware
  • Core, Plugin & Theme
  • Device Support
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Search Engine
  • Hosting
  • PHP life cycle
  • Page Load Times
  • Database Query
  • Error Rates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • 404 Reduction
  • DNS Configuration
New Features
  • Latest Functions
  • Better User Experience
  • Improved Administration
  • Bug Minimization
  • New Designs
  • Easier Editing
Proud to Protect and Maintain Your Site and Business

Cancel Anytime, No Contracts or Cancellation Fees

We are WordPress & Woocommerce Expert Devs

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Premium Security, Advanced Security, Starter Security

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