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Looking for WordPress support for WooCommerce Point of Sale? PressHero is the answer. We are excited to be partnering with Oliver POS, one of the best FREE POS systems for WooCommerce. Let’s look at what it means to enable POS integration with WooCommerce WordPress sites, what Oliver POS offers, and how PressHero fills the gaps.

What’s the benefit of WooCommerce POS Systems?

Web based point of sale (POS) applications allow store owners to sell products in their online store. At the same time, they can sell products in brick and mortar locations using the same inventory database in real time.

WooCommerce is a fantastic, and very popular, eCommerce platform for online store owners. But what happens when you sell products online and in retail stores? To eliminate the need to manage multiple inventories, you incorporate WooCommerce POS systems.

How do you connect your POS to WooCommerce Store?

diagram of REST API allowing online and POS to share same database

A simple WordPress Plugin

A point of sale system integrates with products already set up in your WooCommerce store through a POS system plugin. WooCommerce REST API allows cashiers to sell goods at your physical store updating the same inventory used for the online store.

duplicate image of man entering data into database with one of the crossed out in red

End duplication of work

Imagine only needing to add products and pricing in one database. You can manage inventory, orders and other information for both online and in-store sales from multiple locations in a single database!

graphic representation of cash register, barcode scanner, POS payment processer, wallet, credit card, chequebook, pen, receipt

Maintain all the perks of an in-store experience

Store staff can still apply discounts, select tax rates, process payments, and print invoices from their cash register. And it’s all connected. It even supports barcode scanning. They complete checking out a customer in person the same way as a sale for WooCommerce.

Sounds amazing, right? So how do you choose the right plugin?

Start with ensuring you get WordPress support for WooCommerce Point of Sale integrations so it really is seamless.

Oliver POS – One of the best FREE POS Systems for WooCommerce

We highly recommend the Oliver POS plugin. Their free plan is 100% synced with WooCommerce and offers:

  • Unlimited customers, transactions, and products
  • Custom reports
  • Customizable register
  • Fully integrate your WooCommerce inventory with your POS register
  • Customer support around the clock
  • Simple Interface

Compatible hardware includes mobile devices, all-in-one terminals, and self-checkouts. In addition, they offer cloud printers, a barcode scanner and cash drawers to customize your WooCommerce and POS integration setup.

The software solutions continue to evolve, enabling you to do the following and more:

  • Update inventory on the fly
  • Add new payment methods
  • Process credit cards through a single gateway
  • Allow regional tax calculation options
  • Collect customer information
  • Control employee access and collect sales data
  • Gain insight into product performance

PressHero offers WordPress Support for WooCommerce Point of Sale Integrations

Our core service is providing worry free WordPress support. A low cost monthly subscription gives you unlimited support for your WordPress website. Founded with the mission of eliminating high agency fees and surprise charges for simple changes, we are WordPress Heroes.

We are excited to partner with Oliver POS to offer support to their customers and a direct line of communication to their developers for our WooCommerce customers.

Read more about our partnership from their perspective here.

Check it out

When you sign up for Oliver POS, they will give you the opportunity to become a PressHero customer, too. While they pride themselves on quick and easy integration, if you are hesitant, we provide support with installation, configuration, and setup. We handle any issues that may arise to make it smooth as possible. Why risk the downtime?

Perhaps you have complex inventories, pricing structures or other concerns. Maybe you need some customization for unique situations in your business. Our expertise is the answer. And, with your ongoing support subscription, we are here to help with future updates and changes to your site too.

Experience With Customization

male IT professional freelancer focused in monitor of laptop, tries to improve code of application, drinks coffee and eats sandwich. providing wordpress support for woocommerce point of sale

Once upon a time, near the infancy of Oliver POS, our customer was looking for a solution to integrate their WooCommerce site and their physical store location. We found Oliver POS and instantly fell in love with their offering.

The customer needed the WooCommerce POS system to work at multiple locations for inventory control. Oliver POS didn’t have the capability back then, so we custom-coded a solution. Their software was great to work with and the development team was extremely helpful.

Why do we love Oliver POS?

From the very first time working with the WooCommerce POS plug-in, we were able to accomplish whatever goals our clients have in mind. Furthermore, they continue to provide an exceptional user experience. Oliver POS continues to develop exciting new capabilities, and it is an honour to support their customers, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

We offer more than just WordPress Support for WooCommerce Point of Sale

As a PressHero Unlimited Support customer, you can submit tickets and request help with anything related to your WordPress website:

  • Content and text changes
  • Images and backgrounds
  • Entire design layouts
  • Fix broken links
  • Speed & SEO optimizations
  • General questions and advice

Sign Up for a Free 3-Day Trial and experience our support for yourself.


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