has been working with mybalancedchef as they embark on a Pet Emergency fundraiser to help with costs associated with urgent pet care. This is an incredible cause that can help so many animals and beloved family pets in need.

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Beyond business fundraising gets personal.

Rob Rooke at donated his time to help mybalancedchef with the online promotion of Operation Betsy: Pet Emergency Fundraiser. He created a space, front and center, on the home page that invites visitors to make a donation or purchase 8 cheesecake balls for $10, with proceeds from the purchase going to the cause. Our family pets don’t have health benefits like we do, there’s no OHIP to cover animal’s medical costs, but fundraisers like Operation Betsy can help give cherished family pets the chance they deserve when unexpected veterinary costs arise.

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We are here to help animals in need.

Mybalancedchef is offering 8 scrumptious cheesecake balls for $10, which you can pre-order at, and will be available for pick up on May 25&26, 2019 at Fairmont Animal Hospital. We encourage you to consider checking out the fundraiser and if you’re in a position to donate or purchase the cheesecake balls to do so. Even if you’re not in a position to help financially, a simple ‘share’ or telling your friends and family could also make a big impact. Word of mouth is a very effective advertisement.

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Getting Personal

It is easy to relate to this cause.

Every team member at has fur babies, whether they be cats, dogs, or hamsters, and we understand what an impact they have on our families and our lives. These aren’t just pets, they are adored, loved, and valued family members. These four-legged furry creatures become our children’s best friends and our loyal companions. We are honoured to be able to donate our time for such a useful cause that could impact any one of our families at any moment.

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