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What are your website design goals? Most businesses want a better website, but what does that mean? Remember, website goals should be specific, measurable, and those other ‘SMART Goals’ elements. What are your business goals for the new year? Do you have a plan?

Common Website Design Goals

Sales & Marketing

Drive Traffic

Engage Customers

Generate Leads

Close Sales

Customer Service

Fill Customer Needs

Answer Questions

Enhance User Experience

Improve Satisfaction


Streamline Processes

Automate Tasks

Attract Employees

Increase Profitability

Measurability of Business Goals

Before we worry about achieving our website design goals, ensure you can measure activity and progress. Do you currently monitor website traffic fluctuations? Can you identify changes after marketing campaigns or other changes made in your business operations?

Connecting your website to Google Analytics is a fantastic start. It provides statistics and tools to track performance and learn more about your website visitors. It can even track which social media platforms are driving traffic to your site.

man analyzing website data online to measure website design goals

As a subscriber to PressHero’s Unlimited Support, we can help connect your site with Google Analytics so you can measure things like session duration, pages per session, bounce rate, sources of traffic, and more. If you want more help with analysis, we offer additional dedicated SEO and Digital Marketing services as well.

How Can Your Website Help Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

Business growth is probably the most common small business goal. For that to happen, you must achieve multiple other goals, leading to more business. First, you need to attract more customers. Next, you need to engage and educate them, then convert them into a lead and finally, close the sale.

It should be obvious that a good website is a sales and marketing tool. Most prospective customers will do research online before they even consider making a purchase or hiring a service.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Until you build brand identity and customers search for you specifically, they need to find you when they look for the products and services you provide. Establishing a high-quality online presence with solid search engine optimization is a solid website design goal.

So how can you increase the number of site visitors? Your action plan could include external efforts like advertising, social media promotions, and sending messages to an email list. Consider creating a landing page specific to what you are promoting and include a link in your ads.

web traffic meter with bright green light glowing green

Website design goals to increase traffic include on-page SEO to impress search engines so they will lead customers to your site during online searches. PressHero can help ensure your page website speed is acceptable and other SEO improvements to make certain search engines understand your message.

Engage Customers

customer engagement measuring near 220% on speedometer style gage

Once prospective customers find your website, it is important for them to find the information they are looking for and remain on the site to learn more. Not only will this move them along the sales cycle, but search engines will reward you for visitor engagement.

It is important to have good content for the customer to read and see. This includes information on each page and informative blog posts. Make sure pages load quickly and the site is easy to navigate from one area to the next.

Include a variety of media beyond just words like image galleries and videos to keep their interest. PressHero’s Unlimited Support covers small content and web design changes to achieve that objective.

Generate Leads

So customers have found your website. They are engaged with your content. But you make actual progress through lead generation. When prospective customers reach out through phone calls, fill out a form to share their information, or complete other desired calls to action, we call that conversion.

dial representing leads turned to high representing lead generation

Does your website make it easy for prospective customers to convert into leads to allow you to follow up? PressHero can help tweak the user experience and improve your lead generation.

Close Sales

woman resting laptop on legs reaching out to shake hands representing closing online sales

Closing the sale is the last step in your sales cycle. Does your website provide enough information for customers to make buying decisions? Are your online stores up to date with current products, services and pricing? Is checking out simple and secure?

Do you have confidence in your inventory programs? Even if your products and services don’t lend to online sales, have you considered online appointment booking so you can close your sale in person more easily? PressHero can help!

Website Design Goals for Customer Service & Support

Before and after you make a sale, customer service and satisfaction should be a priority. More and more, customers crave self-serve online. Your website must fill those needs by providing answers to the questions they seek answers for quickly and easily. Is your content well laid out on user-friendly platforms?

A professional designer from PressHero can help adjust your website to help improve the user experience of your website visitors. If it’s enjoyable to surf around your site, they will be more likely to come back and stay awhile.

person clicking green happy face out of 3 choices

Website Design Goals for Internal Customers

three employees wearing ID badges holding thumbs up representing good internal customer service

It’s easy to understand why your website should be a pleasant experience for customers. But what about internal operations? A WordPress website has the potential to streamline processes and automate tasks. Efficiency can go a long way toward increasing productivity and profitability.

A professional web presence not only impresses customers but can attract new employees. Make sure you share elements of your culture and helpful information for prospective team members as well as clients. We would be happy to chat with you about how to achieve these goals.

PressHero Can Help You and Your Current Website Designer

Hiring a web designer isn’t usually a one-time thing. After you build a website, it is important to keep content fresh and current. For SEO success, you must stay up to date with what search engines reward.

We don’t need to replace your current website builder. We can help them. Hiring PressHero to handle many of the minor tasks allows your developer more time to focus on your new, larger design project. We have experience with many custom websites with success solving challenges many others struggle with.

close up image of laptop with businesspeople handshake picture on screen on table in office

Reduce your website support and design costs and achieve your goals sooner by adding PressHero’s Unlimited Support Subscription. We offer unlimited design changes for one low monthly fee.

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