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Speed is Crucial to the Success of Your Business

Your website can’t be slow to load.  The average user actually anticipates your page to load in 2 to 3 seconds or they are likely to go elsewhere. Consumers are pretty unforgiving.  You will be losing traffic, subscribers, and customers if you have slow page load times.  In addition, user experience loading time is becoming a more important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

Serving the mobile version of your site is essential.  Mobile internet usage is the way of the future.  Currently, approximately 50% of all internet usage is mobile. Staying on top means optimizing for better mobile user experience.  Loading speed on mobile devices takes approximately 85% longer than desktop devices.  That being said many users are still looking for that 3-second experience.  The reality is 22 seconds is the average homepage load.  So every second you can cut off the load time makes a difference.

Make a Measuring Stick by Testing Your Speed

Here are three of the best mobile tests to discover your current website load times. Check both your desktop and mobile loads.

Think with Google
Pingdom Tools
GT metrix

 5 Plugins to Speed Up Your Performance Game

Here are 5 options to help you get up to speed. Your goal should be to make sure you’re better than the industry standards.

WP Hummingbird

5 Plug-Ins for Top Website Speed

Hummingbird is an all-in-one speed optimization plugin.  It covers the most essential areas required to optimize your site’s performance.  The main areas targeted include caching, GZIP compression, minification, and performance scans.  Hummingbird allows you to implement these steps quickly and easily with one-click fixes.

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WP Fastest Cash

5 Plug-Ins for Top Website Speed

This plug-in aims to optimize load times by creating and storing static copies of pages and posts.  This reduces the number of queries required to render your site and lowers the associated server load.  This results in speeding up your website and improve its performance.  This plugin also has features specifically for mobile sites.

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WP Super Cash


Instead of processing a site’s typical heavy PHP Scripts WP Super Cash generates HTML files that are served directly by Apache. Because the cached HTML files are so much easier to process the plugin speeds up sites significantly.

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W3 Total Cash

Wp3 Total cash

W3 Total Cache leverages features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices to increase a site’s performance and therefore reduce loading times.

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WP Rocket


WP Rocket is a caching plugin that provides cache preloading, browser caching, GZIP compression, and options for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minification and concatenation. It is the perfect solution for a website owner who finds technical terms perplexing.  The plugin is also tremendously user-friendly.

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