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What’s the secret of getting found on Google?

The answer is Digital Marketing, which is a trifecta of strategies.

Superhero comic style burst with the word TRIFECTA bursting in the centre symbolizing the three strategies of getting found on google
  1. Pay-per-click ads for your targeted keywords

  2. Technical search engine optimization (SEO) of your website

  3. Content marketing or blog articles

Google’s business is providing answers to internet searchers. They find these answers on websites, rank the pages based on quality, and then present them to users as search results. To make sure Google finds the answer on your site, you can either pay to be seen or work to be found organically. Digital Marketing requires continual effort and ongoing investment. Getting found on Google is one of’s specialties for WordPress websites.

Search Engines are Answer Machines

A search engine is a machine that combs webpages to find answers to the questions that internet users are asking. If their business is providing answers, think of yourself as a supplier to the search engine. The product you are supplying is answers. Google ranks sites with the best products higher and they appear in order of importance.

Are you supplying a quality product?

What are the best ways of digital marketing to ensure Google can find your answers and rank your site on page one?

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Paid vs. Organic Search

Roadway overtop of blue background of white lines and dots depicting network traffic. At one end is coins and bills representing paid traffic and the opposite end is a vine representing organic traffic

When you look at the first page of internet search results, the first couple of listings are ads. The owners of these sites paid Google to be at the top of page one. We know this as pay-per-click advertising. Then you might see some images and featured snippets. And finally, the organic or unpaid results placed on page one based on their ranking. Websites achieve these results with technical SEO and content marketing. All three strategies are part of Digital Marketing.

So, what’s the difference? Essentially, it’s the cost and speed.

You either pay Google or invest time and money to improve your organic ranking. For immediate results, pay Google. It can be expensive, however, to compete for the coveted spot on the top of page one. Paying a Digital Marketing Company or internal staff is a more long-term approach for getting found on Google.

What are the key elements of Digital Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Ranking organically is a long-term goal of Digital Marketing. If your short-term goal is getting found on Google, you can accomplish this with pay-per-click ads.

Businesses bid for placement on search engines like Google or Facebook to be seen when internet users search for your desired keywords. You pay each time someone clicks your ad. By clicking your ad, it directs the user to your page where they can learn about your products and services and act.

Scrabble tiles on a wooden surface that spell out ADWORDS as part of Digital Marketing strategy

For an advertising campaign to be successful, you must choose the right keyword and provide the right information on the landing page. The better you do at this, the less the search engine will charge you per click. If you have attracted the right people and provided what they were looking for the more likely the customer will be to act.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great option to gain more visibility while you wait for your efforts in organic search strategies to pay off.

Technical SEO

The goal of optimizing your website is to meet search engine requirements so they can find you and understand what you are trying to say. It also improves the user experience. This Digital Marketing strategy is very beneficial for providing the search engine with quality answers to provide their users who are asking the questions. Remember, they rank your page higher organically the better quality your answers are.

Elements of technical SEO include things like:

  • crawling
  • rendering
  • indexing
  • sitemaps
  • structure
  • navigation
  • speed
  • mobile-friendliness
  • accessibility
Scrabble tiles on a wooden surface that spell out SEO as part of Digital Marketing strategy

The easier you make it for the search engine to find you, the better your chances are to rank higher and getting found on Google.

Content Marketing

Great content is key for both paid and organic search results. Better content in your pay-per-click ads makes the campaign more successful. Quality answers found on your website written with the user experience in mind increases the chances of getting found on Google and the reader staying on your page longer to learn more.

Spend some time determining what questions people are asking and make sure you are answering them better than your competitor. Digital Marketing is not just about promoting your goods and services. You are providing valuable and relevant information, so customers become interested and make informed decisions.

Scrabble tiles on a wooden surface that spell out BLOG as part of Digital Marketing strategy

Content comes in a variety of media. Beyond the information on your web pages, there are blog articles, social media posts, videos, images, downloadable documents, and more.

Figure out what works best for your clients and keep them engaged.

Digital Marketing Never Ends

Google likes fresh content and continues to change its algorithms for how they rank pages. Customers are constantly looking for new answers. Customers will notice what you are doing and want to do what you’re doing. That page one position is a constant chase.

Three arrows in yellow, green, and blue depicting a never ending process or cycle for Digital Marketing

Organic search results take time but definitely worth your investment. Paid search results are an instant boost for those keywords that aren’t ranking on their own. But remember, getting found on Google isn’t a task you complete and cross off the list. It is an ongoing process of tracking, analyzing, and acting on that data to be armed for the continual fight to get on top and stay on top.

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In summary, Digital Marketing is a multifaceted approach that involves both paid advertising and efforts to be found organically through SEO optimization and content marketing. Each strategy supports the next and makes up for each other’s shortfalls.

Success requires continuous effort and investment. It is easy to spend too much on the wrong approach, so make sure you research your customers, your competitors, and the platforms where you want to be found. If you need help, is here for you.

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