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When you work with, we form a partnership, collaborating with the shared goal of strengthening your presence and visibility. As a result, we help to grow your business.


MJS Properties came to us with the goal of saving money on routine maintenance.  They needed to make some content updates to their site and needed help to clean things up.

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Unlimited WordPress Support

Our extremely affordable service was exactly what they were looking for. The client found our ticket system is easy to use and helpful to keep track of tasks. And they loved the ability to upload attachments directly to the tickets. After removing a ton of bad backlinks and conflicting themes and plugins, we noticed immediate improvements.

This site was already one of our WordPress website success stories.

Dedicated Development

The content updates initially planned evolved into an entire site overhaul.  The message shared on their original site didn’t match what they wanted to say. Their site was a perfect candidate for web development.

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A natural partnership

MJS Properties provided Press Hero with what they wanted to say and shared ideas about how it could look. We presented our own ideas to complement what they provided. The partnership evolved naturally as we bounced ideas off one another during scheduled development time.

“Redeveloping my website was not only fun but an experience I will never forget. His knowledge and experience really shows. I can’t be more grateful to find PressHero. He takes the time to explain things and create your vision a reality. Thank you, Rob. Truly amazing."

Matt ScottMJS Properties
Feedback was extremely positive

As a result, is an absolutely gorgeous website. The content is relevant and the menus easy to navigate. Small adjustments continue to be submitted through the ticket system to keep their story fresh.

WordPress Hosting

During the onboarding process, we discovered their shared hosting package crippled traffic. They paid way too much for what they got. So, we quickly migrated their site to’s WordPress hosting services, improving load time substantially.

Speed is important if you want to be a WordPress website success story.

Dedicated SEO

Once the client was happy with the story, it was time to make sure the world could read it. To begin, MJS Properties chose to focus on organic traffic goals instead of paid search. So we got to work combing the site for improvements and identifying keyword phrases we wanted to rank for on Google. Within the first week, skyrocketed up the rankings, immediately exceeding expectations.

Digital Marketing

Long-term goals are on track. To support their success achieved organically, MJS decided to take the next step and invest in paid search strategies. They look forward to even better results with more targeted SEO improvements and an aggressive content marketing campaign. We look forward to working one on one again to boost their visibility and presence with more immediate results.

WordPress Website Success Story Recap

Affordable and reliable maintenance through ticket system

Removal of bad backlinks harming performance and contradicting plug-ins

Beautiful brand-new website with relevant content and easy to navigate menus

Significantly improved load time and site speed

Immediate improvement to page ranking

Check back soon for more WordPress website success stories. We've got lots!

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