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How do you choose a plugin for your WordPress website? And how do you know that plugin is the correct one? The plugin that comes with the most number of active installations in its respective category, sometimes just can’t be a perfect choice for you. 

Why? Because maybe your site needs fewer features than the plugin comes with. Or, this plugin can bloat your site down as it comes with a huge list of features. Also, there could be better alternatives available in terms of memory usage, page speed, and reliability

So, all you need to do is check the plugin’s performance-test before finally choosing and installing it on your site. Also, you should compare between plugins so that you won’t regret choosing a plugin for you. 

Now the main concern is how will you check all these metrics while choosing a plugin for your site. Don’t worry! Today, we are going to talk about exactly this topic- how to choose the best plugins and suggest a FREE platform where you can discover, check, and compare plugins for your convenience.

Also, if you are a plugin owner, you have a surprise at the end of this article. Keep your patience up and start reading this blog till the end to get all the information. So, let’s get started!

WPHive: A Free Platform to Choose The Best Plugin for Your Site in 2022

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is it has a large library of useful plugins. Perhaps, you will find plenty of different plugins in every category nowadays. 

However, as we were saying to pick the perfect plugin we have to install a lot of plugins individually. And check their memory usage, page loading impact, coding pattern, usability, and others separately. Needless to say, it kills so many hours to have the right product indeed.

That’s why we are delighted to introduce a free platform called WP Hive to get your job done. Using WP Hive, you will be able to-

  • Discover new plugins or the popular ones with relevant filters.
  • Compare plugins side by side, just like you do for phones.
  • Test your WordPress themes appropriately.
  • Have insightful data such as latest PHP version compatibility, PHP error, Javascript error, database footprint, memory usage & more.

Now it requires only a few clicks to discover any particular plugin/theme (without even knowing their names) for a specific purpose. Or compare different plugins from the same category depending on page speed, memory usage, JavaScript issues, activations issues, and more.

Let’s see how to use this tool to find the plugins that you actually want.

1. Discover the Right WordPress Plugin

Simply go to the WP Hive Homepage, scroll a bit, and start searching for the plugin by its name. The searching process is smart enough to assist you in this modern era.

WPHive search illustration

Plugin Version

After searching and clicking on the plugin name, you’ll be directed to the plugin report page. There at first you’ll get the different versions of your searched plugin. 

Plugin version illustration

Plugin Test Result 

Now start scrolling down to get the plugin test result data. In this part, you’ll be notified if your searched plugin has any compatibility issues or errors. If the plugin has no error, it will look like the below screenshot. 

Plugin Test Results illustration

Plugin Insights 

Do you want to get the data like number of total downloads, active installations, growth rate, ratings, support thread, and so on? You’ll get those data here too. 

Plugin Insights illustration

Performance Test

This is the most crucial data for you. In this part you’ll get the data on how much memory it uses and how fast this plugin is. 

Plugin Performance Test illustration

Now if you want to check the page speed changes before and after installation of your chosen plugin, you can check it here. 

Plugin Speed Test illustration

You can check the memory usage data in the same way.

Plugin Memory Usage illustration

Plugin Rating

You can input ratings of any plugin no matter if you’re a plugin owner or user. 

Plugin Rating illustration

2. Compare Plugins Side by Side

As we have mentioned before, you can compare two WordPress plugins side by side with WP Hive. Same as you do when buying a smartphone. It helps you to overview all the features of different plugins. So that you can decide which one is the perfect match for your needs.

Go to WP Hive Compare page to compare between two plugins. 

Compare plugins illustration

You can compare between any two plugins you want to. Write the plugin’s name on the boxes and click on the Compare button to get the result.

After you input and press the Compare button – WP Hive represents a table-style comparison before you. It will show the difference depending on memory consumption, speed, and a lot of other parameters. We believe it will surely help you to choose the right one between two plugins.

Plugin Comparison table for memory usage illustration

On the compare page, you will get two winner sections. One is calculated by the average memory usage and another is on average page speed impact.

Plugin Comparison table for page speed illustration

In this same page, you will find the comparison table apart from the memory usage and page speed. It’s all about plugin’s compatibility issues, total download, active installations, and some other stuff. 

Plugin Comparison table for other criteria illustration

3. Discover Plugin by Category 

With WP Hive you can pick the right plugin without even knowing the name of that plugin. That is not possible in 

Suppose you need a time tracking tool to manage your remote team. So, how can you find the probable plugin name? The options might be:

  • Already know the plugin name
  • Rely on Google Search
  • Rely on different blog listings

But these techniques are not that much flexible for non-technical persons. WP Hive resolves this issue successfully.

WP Hive is the new Appstore for WordPress. You can find plugins on WP Hive by different categories- same as you find apps from Play Store or Appstore.

You can search for plugins by their usages. Also, you will get auto-suggestions in the drop-down menu. 

Discover Plugins by specific categories illustration

Furthermore, you can filter the plugins based on several criteria such as:

  • Top Rated – This Week
  • Top Rated – This Month
  • Most Popular – This Week
  • Most Popular – This Month
  • Most Popular – All Time

A Perfect Platform for Product Owners to Promote Their WordPress Plugins/Theme

If you have just launched your WordPress products like WordPress plugins or themes, you know the struggle that you have to consume to outreach your target audience. 

But the good news is there are some platforms like WP Hive where you can promote your WordPress products effectively and professionally. 

As it’s a WordPress repository and a blog site, there are thousands of visitors who are solely looking for WordPress products. So, if you can perfectly promote your products there, it’s highly possible that you’ll get your potential customers there. 

Also, there is another option to promote your WordPress coupons. If you’re giving a special discount to your customers, you can promote that coupon code there to get more visitors on your site. 

Bonus: Get All The Resources in One Place to Learn WordPress 

If you are a WordPress enthusiast and looking for resources to know more about WordPress, you can check this learn WordPress section of WP Hive. 

This is a list of resources for beginners so that they can easily adopt WordPress. Here you’ll get the guide from choosing your domain name to launch and maintain your first ever website.

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