Storytelling Marketing is now all the hype and with good reason.  Science backs the effectiveness of storytelling.  From the idea that people are very likely to pay attention to a story and recall its details easily; to how well stories can change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours.  But what is Storytelling Marketing and how can it help your business?

Now you know

Storytelling Marketing Defined

Storytelling Marketing involves writing stories that attach your company’s brand to your customer’s views of themselves.  In these stories, the primary focus is on connecting your customer’s values to what you stand for as a brand.  These stories are then used in your marketing strategies.

What Storytelling Marketing Looks Like

Storytelling Marketing involves writing stories.  They have to have characters, settings, conflict, rising action, a climax, and a conclusion.  Following this traditional pattern gives your reader an easy to follow story that they can remember.

So What Has To Be In The Stories?

Storytelling Marketing narratives revolve around you and your customer interactions.  The best character you can give your story is your customer.  They have to be the hero of the story.  Your brand is the guide.  The brand you are selling in the story should describe the driving force behind your business. In other words, why your company exists.  This is not the product is but the reasons behind why selling the product is important.  These reasons form the values that you want your reader to relate to and see in themselves. Other values you can use in your stories are the values of your employees on their best days.  People relate to the emotions others feel when they have achieved a job well done.

Why Do We Need Storytelling Marketing?

This day and age the marketplace is crowded and becoming increasingly so all the time. Buying has become social and sales are self-directed. It is a given that buyers expect businesses to deal with them transparently within a truth based relationship. Competing for attention is thus more personal and more difficult than it has ever been. Because of this the best way to reach a debating customer is not to push products but to explain to them why your business needs to exist at all. If the reason you exists resonates with them as a person you are far more likely to work out a deal and find loyalty. One of the best ways to explain to them who you are is Storytelling Marketing.

Want On-Board?

Ready to take on Storytelling Marketing. Figure out why your company exists and what its values are. Translate these findings to your customers through social media posts, to your blog, to advertisements and videos using storytelling narratives. You are going to be blown away with how many clients self-identify with your brand and company and then you will know you are doing it right.

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