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Testimonials Are Priceless

Testimonials not only make you look good but they also make you money.  True they build trust in your products, services and brand but they are also about the best call to action you can get.  Testimonials are effective on your entire audience.  They translate to sales for not only new potentials but also can regenerate business during future visits to your site.  A good review up-sells and cross-sells on it’s own.  Plus, testimonials are great SEO builders.  Ten of them alone can increase the traffic to your site by over ten 10%.  Testimonials are proven to generate revenue increasing revenue per site visitor reading the review by 5% or more.  They really are invaluable.

The Value of Testimonials

Some Amazing Facts:

Did you know 9/10 potential clients read testimonials before considering a purchase?

Reviews account for approximately 10% of total search engine factors.

Testimonials work as calls to action better than product or service descriptions.

7/10 consumers will only purchase only after having read a good review.

Consumers trust testimonials nearly as much as a recommendation from friends and family.

Testimonials are likely the most effective marketing content on your website.

Video testimonials have demonstrated they can outrank all other marketing mediums.

Reviews generate leads, raise conversion rates and contribute to purchase decisions.

Testimonials Have Proven Value

 Let your customers do the selling for you and start collecting those testimonials.  The return will far outweigh the investment.

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