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We are so hyped!

We can't wait for you to check out our new dashboard. We have custom designed you a brand new user experience. The goal is to provide you a super simple, real-time, collaborative experience for you. An easy way to always be on the same page about your projects.

What is a dashboard?

Dashboards make huge amounts of information understandable at a glance. We created visual representations, charts, timetables and graphs that make all the ways interacts with you easily actionable. A picture is worth a thousand words, our dashboard tells your entire customer story past, present and future in an easy to format.

What is in your dashboard?

See Your Customized Experience

Everything is in the dashboard, but in an easy to understand format! That is, every time we interact there is some sort of record in the dashboard. We recommend you check your dashboard a lot, just like we do, to stay on top of your project. Everything we do for you and you want done by us can be seen there.


  • You can view your recent orders here
  • Manage shipping and billing addresses
  • Edit your password
  • Change account details
  • Indicate communication preferences


  • You can see your current tickets
  • Review your ticket history
  • You can open a ticket here

Dedicated Development

  • You can see a list of your projects
  • There is a calendar showing project development times
  • There is a section called My Tasks where you submit pictures and copy

Share With Friends

  • Earn rewards for referrals
  • Lists your referrals

Write Us a Review

  • We would be so grateful if you left us a review here
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Reseller Platform

  • Earn cash or credit for referrals that purchase services

We are so pumped to get on the same page!

Even though we are feeling the excitement of having created this new dashboard, we made it to set your mind at ease.  It was designed to always keep you in the loop of what is going on. Our new dashboard gives you a full view of your information, your tickets, your sites developments, actionable tasks and the time slots allotted to work on them.  It allows you to see the past and present of any of your projects, and it’s issues.  Now you know exactly what is being done and how the project is moving along.  We want to always be on the same page and we are thrilled that this dashboard will allow this.

Got a minute?

We want to hear from you!

Are you feeling the new dashboard? It was built to make your life easier. Is it? It would be great to hear your point of view. Email us anytime at [email protected] We would be grateful for any insight you wish to provide. Thanks.

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