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Even with all the enhancements and expanded capabilities, you still need WordPress support with full site editing FSE. What is FSE anyway? Let’s break it down and discuss the benefits, challenges and how WordPress support can help.

What is full site editing in WordPress?


In 2018, WordPress introduced the Block Editor, known as Gutenburg, allowing users to design blog post layouts and page content using blocks. This summer (2021), WordPress 5.8 released Full Site Editing building on that block functionality but for the whole site, not just content.

Dragging and Dropping


FSE is very similar to the concept of page builders. It allows an entire website to be built by dragging and dropping blocks. With FSE, even non-technical users can edit their site with greater control in the interface without knowing how to code HTML files or rely so heavily on developers

A Brief Terminology Lesson

Post and Pages, Themes and Templates


Individual pieces of content are referred to as either a post or a page.  Typical sites are made up of the home page, a services or product page, maybe an about page, and often a blog page.  On the blog page are multiple articles or posts providing the user more information about what the business offers.

The design or visual aspect of a page or post is based on the website’s theme which includes layout, colour, fonts, and other design elements. Templates are part of the theme which provides pre-formatted sections to use for various content.  Think of it as a fill-in-the-blank option with placeholders for you to insert your own text and images.

Web Design Template Concept
Word Press block editor



When creating content, all the code required for elements such as paragraphs, headings, images, etc. are combined into a block instead of writing free-form text. With FSE, blocks are no longer reserved for drafting content in posts and pages. Now they are used for the full site layout parts (site title, headers, sidebars, widgets, footers) previously only within the theme.

Block themes will make theme development easier for developers and designers just as site creation will be easier for users. Block patterns within a block-based theme, like a template, are predefined block layouts ready to add to a page for customization. New Full Site Editing themes will obviously need to be created with blocks in mind.

Global Styles


Instead of customizing each individual block, with FSE, global styles allow customization of font, scale, colours, etc. to be applied throughout the entire site. This will be great if you want to rebrand with new colours and fonts.

Pros & Cons

Benefits of FSE

  • Provides full control and customization without technical knowledge
  • Permits quick and easy edits to templates
  • Can adjust branding across an entire site
  • Adds flexibility to widget areas
  • Allows improved collaboration
  • Multi-lingual

Challenges of FSE

  • Some plugins may need updates as a result
  • Not all themes work with blocks
  • Users must learn new habits

If full site editing is installed do you still need WordPress Support?


Absolutely! FSE will have a learning curve. WordPress Support can help explain changes specific to your site and coach you on how to do common tasks in new ways. Some plugins and existing themes may need to be updated. Having WordPress Support to take care of that for you can save time and money.


Above all else, subscribing to WordPress Support provides you with the ability to ask questions and get help with things you aren’t sure about. Avoid trial and error and reduce the risk of breaking your site.

What else can WordPress Support help you with?

  • Fixing errors and broken links
  • Scan for security issues
  • Analyze site speed and performance
  • Website backups
  • Connect social media accounts
  • Review forms
  • Provide SEO, marketing, and design advice

Imagine down the road once you have mastered the simplicity of FSE, you can use previous budget dollars once spent on basic content creation and updates on creating unique features on your site. 

With Full Site Editing,

You take over the editing and let your developer build unique features to make you stand out from your competition.

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