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Website maintenance, including regular updates, is critical to ensuring your site runs smoothly. An online presence is more than just well written content published on a catchy URL with a contact button. 

Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Regular website maintenance is a necessary evil to preserve the functionality and security of your website. You want visitors to find what they are looking for on your web page and enjoy the experience. Prospective customers need to find your site in the search engine. That means great content on a website working properly.

Improve Security

First, maintenance improves security. Just like maintaining your car for safety on the road, proper website maintenance is important for site security. A content management system like WordPress continually releases security updates and fixes. If you don’t stay up to date, hackers have a better chance to steal data and cause problems.

Boost Traffic

Next, driving traffic to your site is critical. Technical performance is a key factor in ranking better in search engines. It is important to fix things that are broken and update content regularly. This is necessary for increased visibility and reaching your target audience.

Enhance Visitor Experience

Finally, humans crave what’s new. Your website maintenance plan should include removing out-of-date information, frequently updating blog articles and images, and providing opportunities to engage. Checking your website for issues and correcting them is equally important for visitors to your site as it is for staying on top of search engines.

We can agree website maintenance is important but do these tasks seem daunting?

woman chewing nails looking at laptop nervous about website maintenance

Do you have the time and skills required to keep your site running smoothly?

Not sure if you can afford website maintenance services offered by design agencies?

Are you afraid of getting locked into long-term contracts or cancellation fees?

Concerned about what basic maintenance plans include and don’t include, but not exactly sure what you need?

PressHero is here to save the day!

We are a team of skilled developers, designers, and content creators here to help with your website maintenance, offering the flexibility you need to meet your needs. Our WordPress website experts have impressive experience maintaining eCommerce websites, too.

One low monthly price for unlimited support to help with what you need when you need it, you can afford.

No contracts or cancellation fees allow you to stop and start your subscription as needed, so you maintain control of the budget and timeline.

In-house talent who understands front-end design and backend development. We never outsource.

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What’s really included in the Unlimited Support Website Maintenance Packages?

Great web maintenance includes everything, so we are proud to offer it all. Does your to-do list of website update tasks look like this?

woman holding pen writing to list in spiral note book of website maintenance tasks
  • Fix broken links
  • Check for 404 errors
  • Scan for security issues
  • Analyze site speed and performance
  • Correct spelling errors
  • Change contact email addresses
  • Update plugins and themes
  • Software updates
  • Website backups
  • Connect social media accounts
  • Review forms
  • Replace images
  • Publish latest blog article
  • Update content
  • Freshen website design
  • Review Google analytics
  • Research Google search console

They don’t seem like big jobs, but you just can’t seem to get to them. Or maybe you are unsure how to complete them. You can cross those off one by one by submitting a ticket. Unlimited Support is for website maintenance tasks completed in an hour or two. 

PressHero handles the mundane, everyday parts of maintaining your website so you can focus on your customers and growing your business. Beyond completing tasks, your unlimited support subscription includes general support, answering questions and emergency fixes. We’re here to help!

But what about bigger jobs?

Flexible Upgrades Available

If the task is time-sensitive or bigger in scope beyond what monthly maintenance packages offer, as a subscriber, you have the option to upgrade your website maintenance service. We offer hourly subscription blocks for dedicated services. We have unique plans for SEO enhancements, website development, enhanced security, and digital marketing.

The hourly subscription blocks let you maintain control of your budget and timeline but ensure we devote dedicated time and effort to your project. Similar to the monthly costs of unlimited support, you can start and stop these subscriptions as needed.

Man with laptop making time out gesture

Try Our Website Maintenance – Risk & Hassle Free!

If you are wary of maintenance companies or unsure if you need to invest in website maintenance cost, try us out for free. PressHero invites you to try their services for three days absolutely free. You don’t even have to provide a credit card.

So sign up, then submit a ticket or two and test drive our terms of service. Let our service speak for itself. We are certain to impress you in the long run, but try us out first to make sure.

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