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With WordPress websites continuing to dominate the online arena, having resources to assist you is essential. Typically website development agencies will have you sign lengthy contracts prior to starting any work. If the project slows down, or you begin to approach the budget that you have allocated to having your dream website created it can be crushing. As a result, you will need to make a sacrifice. First, you can make the site functional until you save enough money to continue the build. Alternatively, you can increase your budget leaving you deeper into the investment than initially prepared for. This is a challenge that many organizations have had to face.

What happens next?

Once a website is complete, the agency that completed the work will typically enter a 1 year or multi year contract for guaranteed service. This is good however, if you have any changes that you need to make you get charged based on the task. We have even heard of people being charger $100 plus to swap out a picture.

WordPress Websites


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With WordPress websites, finding quality assistance for a reasonable price is tricky. With all the idealistic coders crowding the landscape finding a qualified developer that can handle the job you would like to see completed can seem impossible. This is where Presshero comes in.

The Services We Offer

Dedicated Development

Unlimited Support

Content Marketing

Analytics Reports

Google Ads Management

Automated Social Posts

Emergency Support

Reliable Hosting

Dedicated Development

  • Subscription based
  • Transferable Project Manager
  • Starting at $250 per week

Unlimited Support

  • Truly unlimited tickets
  • One ticket at a time
  • Complete peace of mind for $149

Google Ads

  • Budget friendly
  • Target Audience
  • As low as $130 per month

Automated Posts

  • Daily, weekly or monthly
  • All social platforms
  • As low as $145 per year

Emergency Support

  • Puts you first
  • Reliable
  • One time payment of $65

Reliable Hosting

  • Secure transactions
  • Optimal performance
  • As low as $180 per year

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