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WordPress is the web giant, powering everything from blogs to massive e-commerce solutions. The millions of plugins and tools you can combine are endless. With all these tools and plugins it can be hard to sort through and find a truly useful collection that helps create 10x Better Content.

What Exactly Is 10X Content?

Rand Fishkin coined the term “10x content”, his definition of 10x content is “Content that is 10 times better than the best result that can currently be found in the search results for a given keyword phrase or topic.”

So what does that mean? Well, when you use a search engine to ask a question or solve a problem; you are looking for a solution. You might only have a basic idea and are trying to find in-depth information based on your curiosity.

During your search, you will find tons of articles that are similar, and a mass of clickbait to bounce off. When you find that perfect article that really is exactly what you needed and presented just right; that’s 10x Better Content.

How Can I Write 10x Better Content?

The Foundation for 10X Content

  • Provides a positive user experience using well-designed visuals, layouts, backgrounds, fonts etc.
  • Contains a combination of high-quality, useful and interesting content.
  • Delivers more detail and better content than similar articles on the topic.
  • Responsive design and quick loading for an optimal user experience
  • The content is impressive enough to inspire social sharing
  • Solves the viewer’s problem or answers the question clearly, accurately and leaves the user fulfilled

10X Content just does it better all the way around. It is a content that has value and you have to find a way to get you point across in a new way that inspires people to react and learn; to take something away. Be memorable.

How To Super Charge Your Content

Super Heroes write 10x Better Content

What You’ve Been Waiting For: A list of Tools to Help Produce 10x Better Content.

HeadLine Analyzer Headlines are the first chance to grab a potential visitors attention. By analyzing your headline and providing suggestions for increasing click-through. This headline analyzer will help you score big!

Grammarly Writing content that makes sense and is written well is of course important. Typos, spelling errors and grammar mistakes will take away from your message and are embarrassing. With Grammarly Mistake-Free writing is around the corner.

Pixabay Great images that are eye-catching will draw a users attention, and make your site beautiful. Stock imagery is often expensive and free images half the time are just low quality. pixabay offers over a million beautiful free images.

Edit Flow Empower your team and get things done. Edit Flow allows you to collaborate when writing in WordPress. It includes a calendar for a month-by-month overview of content, custom post status, editorial comments and team notifications and more.

WordStats Although outdated WordStats can provide valuable information into the articles you write. Featuring word count, keywords, and readability details. You can begin improving your posts instantly.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Google can penalize you for plagiarism, so you best be checking. This tool will allow you to copy and paste your draft preview before ever going live. Put it to good use.

It’s going to take time and practice to become a 10X Better Content superhero but with the tools, above you are on your way.

You Too Can Become a Content Super Hero!

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