After reading this article you should never have to sit and struggle with web content topics again.  Here are some secrets for you to end writer’s block and start blogging regularly for your site.

First Tip

Make a Collection

My biggest tip is come up with your content topics in groups.  It takes too much brain power and is inefficient to sit down and think about what to write each session.  Take an hour or two and plan out your next few months of posts.  You can pump out content much quicker with a list of topics ready to prompt your writing.

web content topics 101

Third Tip: Look at Competitor Sites

If They Know It You Should Too

If you are uncertain about what to write about chances are your competitors are not. Their sites can provide very large lists. I am not saying to plagiarize just that you can use the same ideas. Look especially for areas of interest you have not covered at all. Plus, checking out their goods gives you a chance to make yours even better. Don’t forget to explore their content’s comments or FAQ section either. So much information in each and every competitor page.

Try This

Google Search

Type any word related to your field into the google search bar. You will find a list of about a dozen suggestions that relate to the original topic. Each suggestion in and of itself could become a subject to cover. For example, we were looking up SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and up came SEO digital marketing, SEO tools, SEO techniques, SEO Principals and many more options. All of these possibilities are actually perfect for this site. You can get tailored results this easily with each and every keyword related to your interests.

Fifth Tip

Watch YouTube

Much like Google search when you type in any key word related to your industry in YouTube you will get a list of suggested results. The sidebar will also have related videos to consider for content topics. Plus, you can watch the videos for further inspiration. A great resource, they also have comments from which you can pull focus areas.

Get Personal

Interview your Audience

Ask your clients what they want to see or learn about in relation to your business. It doesn’t have to be a direct interview just a conversation. If you can, do this on the phone or in a way you can record them so you don’t have to scramble looking to write ideas down later. However, even just listening to your clients speak you may find they are asking for information you could blog about. You could think of every client conversation as an interview.

Tell Stories

These days storytelling is the best kind of marketing out there. Write about something that happened to you. It could be about success or failure or just something funny. What did you learn from your story? How did you get to where you are today? It can be a recent story or one from the past. This kind of content is unique. People love putting a face and a heart to the people who are working for them. It connects you to your customers at a deeper level.

4 more ways to build content

Less Work?

Product Reviews

What are some products you have used recently? What are some products you want to use related to your industry?  Releasing a new product?  What about a new technology?  Write about them.  You can use your own opinions and also use other people’s reviews and research to help base your discussion.

Newsletter Delivery

Have content ideas sent to your inbox.  By signing up for industry newsletters you are keeping up with their trending topics.  You can even sign up for competitor newsletters to stay one step ahead of the game.  Their article topics can be imitated with a little more added research and new perspective supplied by you in your own article.

Idea Generators

Did you know there are websites online that can generate ideas for you?  You simply type in a few keywords and let the generator do the rest.  Here are a couple of many to get you started.

Recent Events

Get creative.  When watching the news think about how you can use the news stories in connection to your products or brand.  You can also, talk about tradeshows or local events that relate to your industry.

Hope we’ve sparked your imagination.

Content is sooooo important. Remember content is needed for your site to show up in search results. Blogs let search engines know what your website is about. You educate search engines about yourself through content and this pulls you up in the rankings. So to get yourself mattering on search lists you need a lot to write about. Hope this helps.


  • terri-doe says:

    Great piece! A lot of actionable suggestions, several that have never occurred to me ! I love writing articles for my blog and don’t usually have too much trouble coming up with ideas, but you’ve got me thinking: just because I have an idea it isn’t necessarily going to be as impressive to my readers as it is to me. So I love your suggestions to do some research — Google, YouTube, the news, and subscribe to newsletters as well. Excellent stuff! I’ve been giving a lot of thought to telling my story and how I’ll go about doing that. For me, personally, it’s a little daunting –I’m not sure I want to bear my sole 🙂 But I totally get that story-telling is vital in today’s marketing strategies, so, I guess I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the great piece –loved it!

    • Monique Prudhomme says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. It is nice to know people are enjoying my articles as a good read. I am happy to hear you got something out of it. Keep those blogs coming.

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