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How Saved a Business From a $6000 Disaster

By January 22, 2020 No Comments

It happens when you least expect it

It all started as an almost average day. An e-commerce site was having some small issues with their menu not working. They thought nothing much of it. A simple call to fix. Little did they know they were in deep need of rescue by your neighborhood WordPress superheroes.

Rob's keen sensibilities picked up on the dangers right away. This was no small-time menu issue it was an entire site hacked. The hackers had infiltrated deep with a ton of malware. They had and 9 hidden backdoors for points of attack or ways to enter the website. It was a serious situation. The hacker group had access to full administration rights of the site. They could read and write anything they haphazardly wished. The site theme was intertwined and webbed with malware and changes to the site so intensely that was not sure the site could be saved. They were running and corrupting the site and there were no backups!

Have no Fear

Saving civilians thousands of dollars was concerned at first. Robert Rooke had not seen an attack like this since 2013. Bravely, PressHero’s battle began. Oh, what a battle it was. If there had been a backup the site could simply be restored to an older version but there was not. The hackers had made it deep enough that it looked like the site might need an entire rebuild. It was a $6000 site! A $6000 rebuild!

Every second left untreated the hackers dug further into mischief and crime. Their goal was to hijack the Stripe payment system. This would literally give them access to all the client credit cards used on the site. They were close. Losing this fight meant financial harm to all their clients and costly damage to the business’ reputation.

Stay Protected

Luckily, was there to save the day.  Swooping in, removing the malware, closing those doors.  They had secured the site once again.  It wasn’t easy but that’s what super heroes are for.  What could have been a $6000 Disaster was now a problem solved.  All in a day’s work, for Robert Rooke at

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