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Many of us were left in the cold recently when WP Curve got acquired by GoDaddy. While Go Daddy is trying to expand their WordPress offerings many just feel this isn't the way to go. So, many thought they were out of luck. The good news is is an excellent WordPress service provider, and we are not going anywhere. Not only that, our service model and pricing are similar to what you were used to with WP Curve. You are going to love's reliable, easy to use WordPress updates and content support. Saves The Day

1. Unlimited Small Jobs

Yes! it really is unlimited. No catch, you can open as many support tickets as you need per month. There are a couple of rules that help us keep things organized and our good speedy service reputation intact.


You can only have one active ticket at a time.


Ticket tasks should be kept under an hour.

Other than that, yep it’s unlimited. Send the requests and we’ll tackle them in priority sequence.  Make sense? Good. Our heroes are awesome but still human.

2. Reliable Ticket Support

If you want to summon our heroes the best way to call us to the rescue is by opening a support ticket. We receive submitted tickets nearly right away. Our heroes are ready to answer your call 24/7 so you know you can reach us anytime. Support tickets are handled in priority sequence. Often tickets are answered in hours. Most tickets are answered and completed within 24 hours.This means you could submit up to one to two jobs a day. Sometimes even more with a list of small changes. We want you to use our support services. Think of us as your ultimate WordPress Support desk always on the ready to make your site the best it can be.

3. Emergency Rescue Service

Have an emergency and need help right away. If your WordPress site is down, infected with malware or experiencing the dreaded WordPress WSO we will make you our priority. We do offer Emergency Support Service for a fee that will bump you to the top of the list and get your issue started asap. We will rush in at super hero speeds with an average response time of 5-8mins.

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3. Pay per Month

Paying for each and every change to your WordPress site can really add up.  But, unpredictable agency bills are a thing of the past when you sign up for content and maintenance support with With an affordable monthly membership of $149.99 you know you will pay the same price every month.  You always know what you are getting into.   If you use the service regularly you will realize just how unlimited our support really is and come to know what a truly fantastic value it is.

4. We Won’t Rip You Off

Cancel Anytime, No Contracts, or Cancellation Fees.  We are confident that after just one rescue, our free trial ticket, we will meet your needs and expectations. On top of that we are risk free.  You can literally cancel anytime, there are 0 contracts, and we don’t have cancellation fees. If for any reason though you decide to cancel without having used support, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

6. Support Has Never Been So Easy

Save me PressHero, save me. Getting support has never been easier, you can open a ticket from our website or right from your own WordPress website dashboard. Now that's super. After sign up, you simply have to click on the green submit ticket button. Bam, you are now getting support. Fill out the prompts and once submitted you will receive an email faster than a speeding bullet to let you know we received your request. Before long, you’ll get one letting you know it’s completed. It’s just that simple.

7. We Offer a Wide Range of Support Services

See What We Can Do

Content and Text Changes

Image and Background Changes

Speed and SEO Optimization Changes

Covers Questions and Advice

Every Request You Need

We log in to your WordPress site and update text, titles, headlines, and design layouts. Simply let us know what you want to have changed or updated and, it will be done.Send us your pictures and backgrounds, our support will make the changes. Don’t have any images selected, No problem! We have access to thousands of quality stock images and our keen design styles will find the perfect fit.You have the page verbiage complete and need it on your site. We format the copy into an easy reading article that will please your visitors and improve the site SEO.

8. SuperHero Customer Support

We want to save you from WordPress headaches so you can rest and relax easily assured your website’s needs are all met.  We have a high rate of satisfied clients who speak highly of our services.  We have many years of experience with not only WordPress and  support but also in explaining technical information about people’s websites in easy to understand terms.  Whether the goal is  to rescue you, save the day or even just make you smile and be happy we use all our superhero abilities to make this happen for you.

9.We Save You Time and Hassle

Our goal is to make your website, and therefore business, run easier. We know WordPress is an excellent platform for your business but maintenance should be as regular as possible to keep a site up to date. We also know this consumes a lot of time and can be a hassle. It can be especially hard when you don’t have a WordPress background. We want to save you time so you have more of it to invest yourself and your business. We want you to have the piece of mind knowing your website is taken care of.

10. We Help Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Grow

We have been there. As a small business and growing entrepreneur there are countless tasks we need to do to scale our businesses. When we are stuck in the daily grind it can be hard to remember our WordPress website needs. Using’s content services you can pay attention to bigger tasks while still taking your site to a higher level. Submitting a ticket is quick and easy leaving you with the time you need to grow your business. Just because you are a small business does not mean you can’t have support like an enterprise.

11. You Can Trust Us

We know handing your business website over to someone else is scary. It is a source of revenue for you, it is where you promote your brand and even run your business. We are sure we can earn your trust. We have a reputation for taking this responsibility seriously and experience doing it over many years. We have a highly skilled, reliable team of Canadian based WordPress developers. Your site is safe with us!

“You don’t need to have a huge corporation for big league support. is your awesome alternative to WP Curve.”

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