Are You Overpaying for your Website?

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Are you tired of overpaying?

Tip the scales in your favor.

Anyone who has had a website built and is now actively maintaining it knows good work isn’t cheap.  Sites need to change to stay relevant, they need to be updated to be functional and they need to be optimized to get traffic.  The thing is many people do not realize there are costs beyond their site build.  Often, even if one sees the changes coming, they are shocked by the development costs of small changes once the build is over.

Web Developer prices can be all over the map.  You can find developer costs as low as $25/hour up to $45/hour.  But most quality developers and definitely larger firms start from $100/hour. The thing is you get what you pay for. But wait, sometimes you don’t.  Did you know you typically get charged for a whole hour even if the change you are asking about is minimal?  Like a typo. It is common for the minimum fee to be an hours’ work. A five minute change can cost you one hundred dollars and PressHero.ca thinks that just isn’t fair.

Affordable content support

Keeping it relevant

Say you are out shopping and come across a font on a coffee shop chalkboard you know would be perfect for your site.  Calling up your programmer to add it will cost you an hours charge…$100 at a typical firm.  If you wanted to add a few products to your online inventory or change some pricing same charge.  If you asked to have the latest versions of your sites theme and plug-ins updated same charge.  What if you wanted to talk about an idea for your site that you were not sure was feasible or not.  New idea implementations and small changes are a must.  Websites should be kept fresh to keep drawing in visitors.  A website is never finished.  It changes and grows just as your real time business does.  So why put your web business changes on the back burner when small changes can be made consistently affordable.

With looks to kill competition

PressHero.ca give you an update and content support solution that keeps all aspects of your site in the now. A monthly Unlimited WordPress Updates and Content Support package exists that can be cancelled or renewed anytime keeping your website on point month to month.  So many changes at your fingertips in a cost effective monthly membership.  You can submit as many support tickets as you wish, one at a time, to get work done on your site.  No hourly fees. That means those font, picture changes, updates and SEO optimization can all happen for nearly the price of one hourly fee.  Keeping a subscription means your site is always up to date at a minimal cost, maximizing your sites efficiency.

Affordable content support

When your site looks fresh and runs smooth your business looks fresh and smooth too.

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