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it's easy to earn money as a superhero sidekick.

Make it Happen

Want services for free or a cheque every month from with your name on it. Together we can make that happen.

Get Affliated

We need referrals. One referral = cash every time. Each time you send us a referral you get compensated and the more referrals the more rewards you can collect in the form of free services or cash from

Not one time payments – Paid every month for the duration of the referals plan!

How to do it?

Be a Hero

Your business associates and friends all need a hero sometimes.  They have website disasters, problems and woes.  We have all heard their cries, no time for changes, slow sites, outdated themes, no traffic, difficulty editing or a completely crashed site.  Web issues are chaotic and can cause panic and hysteria.  End their struggles.  Be bold, take action and help people do something about it.  Join tasks with your friendly neighbourhood superheroes, and help fight website issues.

Let's do this

So where is the money?

In it for a check.  Bam, here is twenty bucks!  For what… one simple referral after their first purchase.  . So you want Press Hero services for free. Here is where you can really earn the money.  Taking off one extra bill a month can do wonders for a business.  It frees up capital for new ventures.  By referring a friend to you can earn 10% off any super product or service. You have the power to choose.  Most of Press Hero’s services are covered.  Also, we keep the rewards coming with an extra 10% for every referral.  Get enough referrals and you can have entire services covered for free.  We reward you with vigilant superhero service around the clock, ultimate protection.  Not to mention you get that original $20 for your first referral.

How do you become a hero?

Help your friends!

Give us any one referral that leads to a sale.   We’ve made it easy, simply share on social media using the prompts on the referral page or enter their email address so we can contact them!  Here is where you go to start your superhero journey.  Share your web power and strength, become a Hero and earn yourself free services today:  We all need a hero sometimes.

Are you in?
Referrals make money rewards

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