Facebook is always changing with the times.  As businesses who market on Facebook we must too.  To keep our image and ads relevant an effective understanding Facebooks future intentions is key.  Recently, Mark Zuckerburg was at a developer conference where he discussed some of his vision.  Here are a few tips to help you and your business own this new Facebook world.

Believe it

Privacy Reigns

One of Facebooks largest platforms right now is privacy. They want the user experience to feel more intimate. When marketing keep in mind that Facebooks algorithms are catering to a more fine tuned point of view. Facebook groups are the future. You need followers that feel close to you and your business to make the most of your marketing. Make sure you have a reader group.

Facebook Reaction Marketing 2020

Post Ratings Make or Break

Meaningful Interactions

ALL posts on Facebook should be meaningful to viewers. If not Facebook knows. The post will be suppressed in algorithms and then is less likely to be seen. You want your readers to relate personally to what you write, not just keep scrolling or give you a quick like.

Likes DO NOT Matter

Likes do not affect the Facebook algorithm, reactions do. You need your readers to LOVE it, be SHOCKed by it, or to LAUGH at your post. You need to show Facebook you have a positive user experience to get organic traffic. Reactions, comments and GIF’s rank you the highest in the algorithms.

Get a Reaction Without Asking

Facebook is beyond on to engagement bating. You can’t just say “love this post”, or “write a comment below” anymore. You can get creative with your wording. Something like “Leave a heart” but otherwise you are being supressed. Avoid words like comment, react, share, tag.

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet they can tell 6000 friends.

Jeff BezosC.E.O. of Amazon



Facebook Group Administrator 2020


Facebook expects you to understand their Facebook Community Standards as an updated admin.



Reduce the number of admins in your group to be able to keep on top of things as expected.

Be the Boss

Don’t forget to create rules for your Facebook groups.  Cater membership and make sure memebers behave as expected.


Link your personal page to your group pages, it is important for members to know the face behing the name.

Watch for Reactions

Do not underestimate the importance of monitoring your groups responses to your content.  If you are getting sad faces or few responses then you might want to pull that post to keep things relevant.  Keep only posts that are reflecting well on you and your cause.

Be Proactive

Facebook wants to see you care about your pages and groups. Show them with active admin. Earn the conversation starter badge in your groups. Using facebooks tools shows business initiative. It is then you algorythmically start mattering to them.

In Short,
Use Groups

Get Personal

Ratings Matter

Active Admin

Want to Boost your Facebook Engagment?

Try the art of story telling and automated social posting.

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