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5 Ways to Rev Up Your Sites Content

With COVID-19 we all have some downtime on our hands.  Unable to work many of us are turning to our websites where there is always work that can be done.  Now is a great time to get to all your websites little details.  All the stuff you did not have time for before.  Some of these things you can do yourself.  For others it is a great collaborative use of our Content Support Service.  Give us something to do and send in your tickets.  Content is something that can always be changed easily and improved upon. Here are some things you can work on.


Bust Your Bordom

Rock Your About Us Page

Too many About Us pages sound like a description that came from automation, and are generic and uninspiring.  They often do not differentiate you from any other business that does the same thing.  Drop the tightness of professional demeanor and become human in your tone.  No business jargon.  Tell your audience the story of your business, what makes you unique.  I know easier said than done, but take time and get creative.  While one of the most important pages on your website it is often overlooked.  Make your page and your business standout.

Do it while people are at home!

Support your Business with Testimonials

Now that people are freed up it is a great time to ask them for testimonials.  Adding testimonials to your website is a great way to add credibility to your business.  They are not hard sales pitches and are trusted as unbiased opinions.  You are adding concrete evidence that real people found success in your product or service.  Because more people are home right now you are likely to get a good response rate when you ask for reviews.  Don’t feel shy to email everyone you know.  Testimonials are a great addition to any selling page.

Amuse Yourself

Stay in Style by Changing Out Pictures

You might want to consider changing up the pictures on your website to update the visual appeal.  This change is quick and easy and can have a remarkable impact on your site.  It lets your reoccurring clients know you are updating the site which reflects well on your business.  Changing content also keeps customers coming back to see if things have changed again.  Keep people up to date showing them your newest work and products.  Don’t let your site pics be relics of the past.

Wake Up

Update Descriptions To Show Off Who You Really Are

Sometimes products and services change but descriptions on websites do not.  It is important that a website accurately reflects the goods and services it offers.  Read over descriptions and change any outdated, misbranded type to reflect how your business works in the here and now.  Make sure you are keeping your audience in mind when you write them.  Write what your audience wants to hear.  Make sure your tone is consistent throughout your descriptions and that it matches your brand.

Bored? Easy web Content To Do's

Wow with Photo Galleries

Putting up photos of your projects, products and community successes lets your customers know you stand behind what you do.  Pictures allow your customers to see the quality being offered is there. Also, people are way more likely to remember visual information. Making a photo gallery is a great resource that each attracts visitors, retains and converts customers.  Pictures allow the customer to see they can be provided exactly what they need.  Galleries can go a long way in branding your company as well.  Having your product, logo and successes recognized can give your company a great boost.

What To Do

Show Off With Blogs

If you can’t work but are missing your job, take some time to express your knowledge and your passions in a blog.  Blogs create goodwill for your company. You are providing something of value to your customer without requiring anything in return.  Sharing knowledge of your expertise, or your products gives you, your products and your services great exposure.  Blogging can establish you as an authority in your field which is always great for business.  But even if you don’t become widely recognized, a blog makes you more approachable.  You can blog about current offers and promotions and because it is passively presented in an interactive way clients are more likely to engage with you about them.  Lastly, blogging about what is going on in your business keeps your site current and clients will check in to be regularly updated.

Decide To Do

We hope we have inspired you to liven up your content and your days. These simple changes can go a long way for your site and your business. Stay home, stay safe and work on your website. Take care everyone.

Liven Up Your Content

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