Most About Us pages are filled out quickly as an obligation to finish a site.  They typically provide straightforward information describing a company in a generic way.  Very black and white.  They have so much untapped potential to grab onto and make the most of.  Don’t write a page that makes you sound like every other business in the same industry as you.  Don’t bore with business jargon and facts.  Your About Us page is your chance to show you are unique, solidify your brand image and inform customers why they should emotionally invest in your brand.  It is a chance to share your compelling story, filled with colour and personality that emanates the uniqueness of who you are and what you stand for.

Think Of An Angle

An About Us Page Should Tell Your Story

The best way to convey all an about us page’s potential is through storytelling. When it comes to marketing, storytelling is the way of the future. These days’ consumers want to know as much about the company they are buying from as they do about the product being sold.  The goal is to have a story that is engaging enough that customers consume the story, then retell it to their friends.  A story is a lot easier to retell than product info and company facts.

What is My Companies Story?

Tell Your Story - How To Modernize Your About Us Page

How To Tell Your Story

Your About Us Page may have one or several stories to profile your company, people and products.  But each story should contain the following.

How to Make It Look Good

The Scene

Intoduce your charcters and setting.  At the time of the setting  describe the way things were for you, your target customer, or your industry.

The Problem

Identify the reason you created your product, service, or vision. What propelled you to act? This reason is your main character, what you are writing your story about.

The Challenge

Explain your journey to solve the problem and describe obstacles encountered on the way.

The Solution

Reveal your business’s milestones and of outmost importance let your customer know how your business is accomplishing and perusing its purpose.

What’s Next?

Share your vision of the company’s future or share your mission and goals.

More Options:


Because Every Business

Has A

Story To Tell

Put A Face To It

Team Introductions

Many people want a look behind the scenes and introducing your team is a great way to do this. Again, storytelling can be used here to humanize your staff. In this case the stories can be told simply with photos. If photos are of silly smiles, amusing company banter or people doing their hobbies, your company’s personality will come through without writing a story. Of equal value are photos of people in action. If more standard photos are used a few sentences to personalize each member can creatively showcase your company.

Back-Up The Story

Examples of Your Success

There are many things you can include to help round out your company’s story. A testimonial section is great because people want an objective point of view of you and when you show them other customer’s opinions it builds trust for you. You can showcase awards, credentials and certifications. You can include a gallery of your work so people see directly what they actually receive when they work with you. You can include videos about pretty much any aspect of your company. Also, you can show data that shows your success. In all cases use fact, not hype. Also, ensure what you are presenting does not sound like bragging. When sharing seems to factual round out the information with storytelling to make it more personal.

Tell Your Story - How To Modernize Your About Us Page

Connect Your Story

Ways To Stay Connected to Your Customers

The About Us page is a perfect place to direct your customers to other areas you can continue your story. Put links to your social media accounts. Include a place for opting into your email list. Display your blog if you have one. Have a spot where people can apply for a job at your company. Build that personal connection.

A Story Worth Reading

Take your time and get creative. This is not likely to happen in one sitting. Brainstorm. Be patient. There are so many angles you can come at this. Peruse quality websites that have also used storytelling marketing. Nothing wrong with emanating the best of them. Think of what drives you and share it from your deepest space. Tell your story!

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