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You’ve launched your website, so now it’s time to get SEO advice to boost your website’s performance. But wait! Do know if your website is getting the right attention, or if it’s being missed by potential customers?

SEO (search engine optimization) helps improve organic search engine results. Focusing on SEO helps search engines find and share your site when people look for information online.

But where do you start?

How you can improve your website’s performance?

Basic SEO tips to improve your website’s performance include the type of site you have and where you host it:

  • Use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. Save time and effort with the ability to change your site without knowing how to code or upload files. 
  • Work with a fast server and hosting company. You should host your website on a web server that has plenty of bandwidth. Users won’t experience delays when accessing the site or loading images and pages. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site to prevent visitors from getting frustrated before buying anything!
  • Focus on each SEO ranking factor. These include security, page speed, mobile friendliness, optimized content, technical SEO, user experience, social shares, links and business listings.

Now you are ready to implement SEO advice. Make improvements to how Google reads your site and the user experience for organic traffic.

SEO search engine optimization elements graphic: website, analysis, content, backlinks, keywords, social media, ranking, optimization.

Some of the Basic Page SEO Rules

  • Use a good URL structure with unique title tags. Your URL is your website’s address, which includes a protocol, domain, and path. Each title tag should be unique to your site and accurately reflect the content of your page. 
  • Make use of a site map. Keep your information organized with categories. Use internal linking so pages flow from one to another. And reduce the number of clicks a visitor must use to find relevant information.
  • Incorporate a unique meta description. This HTML attribute tells search engines what your pages are about. They can give users more information when they search for sites like yours. Meta descriptions should differentiate your pages from competitors’ and make readers want more information about what you offer.
  • Include search-friendly text. When you create content, it needs to be visible to search engines in HTML format so it can be indexed. But you also want each piece of content to be enjoyable for human readers. Writing for both can be like writing in two different languages.
  • Optimize images. Ensure images don’t slow down load times by taking up extra memory space. Beyond size, name them properly and include alt-tag descriptions. Search engines cannot see images, so you must give them something to read.
  • Focus on keywords. When writing optimized page content for your site or a blog post, start with keyword research. Target the keywords you believe your potential customers will search for. Then pay attention to where you place them and how often they appear.

Understand some basics, but leave most of the SEO Advice up to the experts!

There are a lot of basic SEO techniques that you can do yourself. Remember, the primary ranking factors that help boost your website’s performance include:

  • security
  • page speed
  • mobile friendliness
  • optimized content
  • technical SEO
  • user experience
  • social shares
  • link building
  • business listings

Are you confident in mastering each of these? 

For technical aspects of SEO, nothing compares to hiring an experienced expert. They understand each ranking factor and what search engines require for positive search engine results page placement or featured snippets. 

Even content can benefit from hiring an expert. For example, inviting an outside expert to contribute a guest post can add more authority to your blog. You don’t want to copy content from other sources, as that can harm your page SEO negatively.

SEO advice for DIY improvements including statistics to form strategy

Consider starting with an SEO Booster from PressHero

SEO can be a complex process. When determining your best SEO strategy, nothing beats a dedicated SEO investment for organic traffic. For quicker results, you can incorporate paid ads and content marketing with a full Digital Marketing subscription. 

But we have an entry-level option that won’t break the bank. Check out our SEO Booster to get started with some basic SEO advice on the common rules and best practices.

Our SEO Booster includes an in-depth analysis and a list of recommendations for the improvement of your core ranking factors. We include keyword research and determine who search engines believe your organic competitors are. With this information, we arm you with a comprehensive to-do list to improve your website’s performance.

Then what?

With your SEO Booster report, you can implement the recommendations yourself based on your knowledge and skill level or availability. Or you may choose to submit tickets one at a time through our Unlimited Support Service. Our experts will implement the SEO advice provided in your report for you.

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